Female client working out on balance ball with fitness trainer

Nowadays, the role of osteopaths, particularly in sports is increasingly important. Osteopathy is simply a way of detecting, treating, as well as preventing health problems by moving, stretching and also massaging one’s muscles and joints. Woodlands Texas personal trainer Tommy Hastings states, “It’s normally based on the principle that the well being of a person depends on their muscles, bones, ligaments, and the connective tissues functioning smoothly together.” Osteopaths make use of physical manipulation, massaging and stretching, with the aim of relieving muscle tension, increasing the mobility of the joints, enhancing blood supply to the tissues, and also help the healing of the body.

It’s a fact that all the body structures can be affected through their fascial attachments as well as connections. Both the abdominal and thoracic organs are more vulnerable during impact due to their soft walls and also fluidic contents, particularly if they’re engorged with blood such as the liver, small intestines, kidneys and spleen. Individuals who lift weight mostly suffer injuries because of lifting excessive weight, loading too quickly or poor lifting techniques. Some of the common injuries include rotator cuff and tendinopathies, tennis elbow and wrist sprains, and low back disc injuries.

Benefits of Osteopathy in Sports Training

It’s essential for an individual who trains with weights to have right muscle balance and also strength, so as to get the most out of their training. In fact, a personally designed Pilates and rehabilitation program is designed to identify muscle weaknesses and also imbalances. A set of recommendations and exercises for training is then developed in order to help overcome your injuries.

Osteopathy aids to balance the alignment of the body and still correct muscle activation especially when lifting weights. In addition, it improves joint range of motion and also balance, thus allowing for much more efficient technique. It also help to decrease lactic acid build up which tend to accumulate with over training. This improves flexibility by simply elongating tight muscles and manipulating bony parts by use of various techniques. For an injured gym enthusiast or CrossFit, osteopathy will allow him or her to get back to the normal training.

Another benefit of osteopathy is the slowing down the loss of the muscle mass as you continue growing old. This helps to leave you stronger and also healthier. It also causes a reduction in the body fat when the muscles burn calories, thus leaving you slim, with less likelihood of developing some of the wear and tear diseases such as osteoarthritis.

These are some of the benefits of Osteopathy in Sports Training.