In terms of the philosophy comparisons, the disparity between an osteopath and chiropractors seem delicate. The difference only comes clear when you consider their practice scope and the educational prerequisites. Each of them focuses on the entire treatment of the body. Osteopaths suppose that the lack of blood flow can lead to disorders in the body. Conversely, chiropractors believe that the interferences of the nerves can cause diseases in the body.

Andrew Taylor Still was the founder of osteopathy, back in the 60s. Mr. Still was a surgeon and a medical doctor that worked in the Union Army. Unfortunately, three of Still’s children died of spinal meningitis in 1964. That made him quit the orthodox medicine and focused on the study of the musculoskeletal system and the related disorders.

Daniel David Palmer, on the other hand, founded Chiropractic in 1895. A chiropractor, based on the American Chiropractic Association, is dedicated to focusing on the biomechanics. The chiropractor is also involved in the structure and function of the spine and its effects on the neurological system. They also focus on the spinal effect on the musculoskeletal system and the role of the systems in the health restoration. These specialists also believe that the body can naturally heal if the functions and structures are corrected.

An osteopath has the rights of prescribing medicine and performing surgery. The physician mostly works along with the allopathic doctors. They still rely on the philosophy of treating the entire body, instead of focusing only on the signs and symptoms. Nonetheless, some fewer osteopaths offer the manipulation. They are needed to be trained in hospitals in different fields required by the medical doctors. This also includes the residencies, and they can study in various classes of medical practice.

The chiropractors mostly focus on the low back pain, headaches, joint issues, sciatica, and other related disorders. They treat the spinal disk conditions, osteoarthritis, issues of the ligament and tendon (strains and sprains, and carpal tunnel syndrome. These physicians do not prescribe medication though they can recommend herbal remedies and other relevant vitamins. The chiropractors do not offer the invasive treatment. The educational requirements of these physicians are not detailed like the osteopaths. Chiropractors will not perform any surgery. Mainly, they use the physical therapy, nutrition, and the spinal manipulation as the mode of treatment. The philosophy under the chiropractors is that the function and structure depend on each other. When the structure is in the correct state and condition, the function will naturally adjust on its own. This will allow the body to heal naturally.