Studies and statistical data reveal that chronic back pain has been plaguing approximately 50 million Americans at present, and around 80% of the total American population will experience the excruciating chronic back pain during one point in their life. Chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit their doctors. Why do people experience back pain? Some of the reasons are a lack of exercise, an unforgiving work desk, an abysmal posture, and obesity. The good news is that almost all of them can be treated and they are fairly preventable.

Chronic back pain can occur in the different parts of our backs and inflict varying pain levels, depending on the cause. Chronic back pain to one person may manifest as a dull, throbbing pain, while another may writhe in sharp and constant agony, barely able to get out of bed. On either situation, back pain is probably the main reason why normal daily activities are put on hold.

If you are suffering from low back pain, then a physician in osteopathic medicine is your best choice. They are specially trained in osteopathic manipulative medicine, meaning that these physicians can see and tell you how a specific illness or injury will affect the other parts of your body.

Chronic back pain can be easily prevented if you know the factors and habits that put a great strain on your back. When a physician tells their patients the cause of why there are suffering from back pain, lifestyle modifications will naturally follow in order to avoid further stress and aggravation. Did you know that chronic back pain has many symptoms? The degree of pain can be mild to shockingly severe. It can come from out of nowhere, or be present all the time. The pain can be pinpointed from the neck down to the pelvis. When the nerves on back are affected, then symptoms can also include numbness, or the feeling of “needles” being stuck in your leg. The physician will conduct tests and x-rays to see the main cause of back pain, then osteopathy treatment will follow. Your physician might refer you to a general practitioner if the treatment is unsuccessful.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence is all for osteopathy as the key to treating chronic lower back pain and sub-acute cases, and reinforcing studies and research show the evidence that it is indeed beneficial for those who are suffering from back pain. Osteopaths enjoy a high success rate in treating back pain, and the patients are almost always happy with the treatment.

We employ a wide range of effective physical treatment depending on the patient’s diagnosis, overall physical fitness and age. Quite often, the treatment includes a soft back massage, a gentle manipulation that relaxes the joints (which may produce a clicking sound), or rocking the joints to release the stress build-up.

We also include not only the back, but other affected parts of the body such as the neck or the hips if the diagnosis proves it. We provide a unique treatment for each individual. We also provide helpful insights on how chronic back pain is brought on by certain lifestyles, especially if doing something repetitively is the main reason why you are suffering from debilitating back pain. Everything from the proper exercise and the proper diet, to the correct posture will be taught by your osteopath in order to free you from chronic back pain.