Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

When you plan to run a mass building oral to kick start your injectable steroid stack, you will be presented with two options, Dianabol and Anadrol.

Both are extremely powerful mass building compounds.

They have been compared with one another by bodybuilders galore and there have been heated debates trying to prove the superiority of one over the other.

But that’s easier said than done. Because different people react differently to both these compounds.

Some get itchy nipples at just 50mg dose of Dianabol. Others can use 200mg a day and not even have the slightest bloat.

Similarly, some people can get away with 100-150mg of Anadrol a day. Others get nosebleeds and splitting headaches at 60mg.

And then there are the lucky ones, who use both these compounds together and get no side effects at all.

Did we catch you drooling?

Today, we will talk about Anadrol and how to use this amazing mass builder as a base drug or with your injectable steroid stack.

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What is Anadrol?

Oxymetholone, a DHT-derived anabolic steroid was first created in 1961 by Syntex under the trade name Anadrol. It is an oral steroid that was used for the treatment of severe cases of Anemia due to its efficiency in increasing the production of Red Blood Cells.

But it was soon taken off the shelves only to be reintroduced in the 90s for the treatment of muscle wasting in HIV patients.

This is where things get interesting.

In a therapeutic setting, Anadrol was used at a daily dose of 150mg without causing any serious side effects. The patients gained up to 6.8 kg bodyweight when they used the steroid.

Oxymetholone can be considered an effective anabolic steroid in eugonadal male and female patients with AIDS-associated wasting. The bid (100 mg/day) regimen appeared to be equally effective to the tid (150 mg/day) regimen in terms of weight gain, LBM, and BCM and was associated with less liver toxicity.

Oxymetholone for the treatment of HIV-wasting: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase III trial in eugonadal men and women
anadrol cycle dosage in phase III trial

Most bodybuilders will rarely use more than 80mg/day.

This makes Anadrol one of the safest anabolic steroids to use, provided that you aren’t predisposed to male pattern baldness and other androgenic side effects.

And know how to keep your estrogen levels in check.

What does an Anadrol pill look like?

Anadrol is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

There are white pills, green ones and blue ones in round, square and octagonal shapes.

The dosage strength is usually engraved or embossed on the pill.

Some of the popular brands of the drug are Androlic by British Dispensary which costs approximately $130 for a box of 100 tablets, Oxydrolone by Alpha Pharma which costs about $85 and Oxyprime by Eminence labs which retails for just $40 a box.

It is easy to find pharmaceutical grade Anadrol online and due to the reasonable cost, the drug is rarely counterfeited.

What results can you expect from an Anadrol cycle?

anadrol results before and after

So how does the A-Bomb fare when you use it in a cycle or as a base steroid?

Let’s find out.


Anadrol will make you ‘swole’ 24×7. The pumps will be crazy. Rock hard, t-shirt ripping muscles but without the cramps associated with oral steroids. These aren’t painful pumps that Var can cause. These are pleasant pumps that give you boasting rights in the neighborhood. 


Some people feel more alert and focused while they are on Anadrol. The energy levels are at an all-time high which translates into better lifts in the gym and better performance on the field.


Anadrol can cause pretty dramatic strength increases in the first few weeks. You will be stacking plates on the bar like never before. But we recommend that you take it a tad slow because it is easy to go overboard and strain your ligaments. Make steady progress. You will still be gaining a whole lot of new muscle while you are on cycle.


Anadrol will blow you up. The amount of clean, dry muscle that you will gain depends on how you react to the drug. If you do not hold a lot of water, then you can gain up to 8-10 lbs. of lean muscle. But if you are sensitive to the estrogenic sides, then you might end up gaining over 20 lbs. of total weight, at least 50% of which will be water.

Appetite suppression:

Anadrol is often added to a cutting cycle because of its ability to suppress appetite. Not only does this allow you to eat in a calorie deficit, it also allows you to keep your hard earned muscle. This can be counterintuitive if you are using it in a bulking cycle though and trying to eat in a surplus instead.

Anadrol only or Anadrol with an injectable?

Anadrol with an injectable any day. When used as the base drug in a standalone cycle, Anadrol will give you reasonably good results. But it is way more effective when used with either Test-E or Deca or Trenbolone.

Use it as a kick starter to your injectable steroid stack.

You can also use it in low doses for extended periods this way.

What are the side effects of using Anadrol?

Oxymetholone alternatives and side effects

As we mentioned earlier, Anadrol is used in relatively high doses for up to 6 months in therapeutic applications without serious side effects.

So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to manage these side effects in a much shorter cycle.

Blood Pressure: One of the commonest side effects of Anadrol is water retention. This happens because Anadrol suppresses an enzyme that helps the body eliminate sodium. The excessive sodium causes your blood pressure to rise. Many users experience severe high blood pressure related side effects like headaches and nose bleeds. Track your blood pressure during the cycle and ensure that you keep it in check. Often, simple changes to the diet can go a long way in controlling blood pressure.

Estrogenic side effects: There is a common misconception surrounding Anadrol that since it does not aromatize, there is no risk of gynecomastia. But Anadrol converts into Estrogen by activating the Estrogen receptor and there is a high risk of Gyno. An AI such as Aromasin would be ineffective in preventing this. You will need to use a SERM like Nolvadex during cycle.

Androgenic sides: If you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, then Anadrol can aggravate it. In fact, people who are sensitive to the androgenic sides report losing large clumps of hair while using Anadrol.

PCT during an Anadrol Cycle

You will need Nolvadex or any other SERM during cycle to combat the estrogenic sides.

We also recommend a supplement like Organ ST during cycle and M1-Mk after cycle to kick start your natural testosterone production.

Anadrol Review
  • Fast Mass Gains
  • Energy & Aggressiveness
  • Strength Gains

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