Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar has earned a reputation of being a steroid that you can use without losing your hair.

Which makes it very appealing for fitness models and actors whose careers depend on their appearance.

anavar only cycle results
Anavar Cycle Length & Results in older men

And there seem to be a large number of people willing to opt for an Anavar only cycle despite the results being pretty washed-down if you compare it with any injectable steroid cycle.

That’s the general consensus at least.

But what kind of results can an Anavar-only cycle get you?

Can you gain a decent amount of muscle?

Or will it only be a minor step-up from a natty workout cycle?

More importantly, can the results justify the risks that come with using anabolic steroids?

Let’s demystify ‘The Woman’s steroid’ or Anavar.

What is Anavar?

Anavar or Oxandrolone is an oral anabolic steroid that has been in use since 1960s.

Formulated by G.D.Searle, it was widely used in the treatment of cachexia and osteoporosis in the early days.

But it is believed to have been debuted in the world of bodybuilding in the late 60s and early 70s when oral steroids were considered to be the norm.

Anavar’s use for therapeutic applications has been discontinued in the United States since the late 1980s and you can only source the drug from underground labs today.

It is however available more readily in other countries like Europe, India and Thailand.

What does an Anavar pill look like?

Bayer, which is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world manuafactures Anavar.

The pills are round, small and white with no noticeable branding. It is sold under the drug name, Oxandrolone.

However, there may be variations in the color and size depending on the lab that you source it from.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) for sale

Why is it risky to buy Anavar online?

After anabolic steroids were taken off the shelves in 1989 following the FDA crackdown on the possession and sale of these drugs, manufacturers were facing the heat to stop production of androgens that were no longer used for therapeutic uses.

Anavar was one of the first drugs to come under the hammer.

This drove the price of the drug through the roof.

To put it into perspective, a vial of Testosterone Enanthate 300 from a German brand commonly sold in UG labs costs approximately $55. That’s a 12-week supply for you.

A strip of 10 Anavar tablets(10mg) on the other hand can cost you at least $85. Considering that you will be starting with the lowest dose of 40mg, that’s not even a three-day supply. Run the math.

Now, imagine the rewards that come with selling fake Anavar.

In fact, it would be safe to say that almost 75% of the Anavar sold online is terribly under dosed. Or, you might get Dianabol or Winstrol or even Superdrol labelled as Anavar.

Picture yourself in the shower as large clumps of your hair start to fall out. That’s a risk of buying Anavar online.

What kind of results can one expect from an Anavar only cycle?

anavar results before and after

Results are a very subjective term.

If someone is drawn towards an Anavar only cycle, they might be very satisfied if they can gain 4-8 lbs. of muscle from a cycle and retain at least 80% of it post cycle, as long as they don’t have to inject.

A more seasoned bodybuilder might call it a waste of time, money with a very serious risk of a shutdown.

But here are some of the results that you can expect from Anavar.


Anavar will dry out your muscles which allows the veins to pop out. This is one of the first effects of the drug that people notice. And one of the reasons why a lot of users add it to the last few weeks of their injectable cycle. It is not as strong a muscle hardener as Winstrol is. But if you are hopping on to Var from natty, get ready for insane vascularity.


Pumps that last outside the gym. Unlike other orals which are notorious for causing painful pumps, Anavar will give you the pump minus the pain and soreness.

anavar cycle dosage reviews

Muscle mass:

If you eat in a surplus and lift well, you can gain up to 8 lbs. of lean muscle in a 12-week Anavar cycle. The gains are usually devoid of water weight and pretty dry. This translates into very little loss of muscle post cycle. If you continue to eat and lift well with a PCT protocol, you should be able to retain most of the muscle you gain.


Anavar will boost your strength and agility. You will be faster and will be able to lift better during the cycle. Oxandrolone is also considered to be great for connective tissue and joints. This in turn helps the body heal faster. The strength gains will start to taper in the 8th-week or so. And continue to decrease as you go off cycle.

Fat Loss:

Oxandrolone is not a fat burner. At best, it will help you retain muscle when you are on a cut. But the muscle dryness and vascularity do make you appear a lot leaner.

Anavar only or Anavar with an injectable?

Most definitely Anavar with an injectable like Testosterone.

An oral only cycle might give you decent results. But when clubbed with an injectable steroid, even in low doses, it will just blow the results of an oral only cycle straight out of the water.

Also, an oral cycle will shut you down by week three or four. Even a low dose of testosterone will allow you to keep your libido up.

A shutdown sounds like a manageable thing until it hits you.

Anavar Side effects

Oxandrolone side effects and alternatives

Here you go.

  • Hyperlipidemia: Like most 17aa oral steroids, Anavar will mess with your lipids pretty bad.
  • Shutdown: Your natural testosterone production will shut down by week 8 of your cycle. Expect mild to severe testicular atrophy as well.
  • Liver Toxicity: Oxandrolone is not very liver toxic. As long as you stay off the bottle and drink a lot of water, you should be okay with a normal PCT.

PCT during Anavar cycles

The ideal PCT protocol for an Anavar only cycle is a widely debated topic.

Some users say that a Nolva only cycle should be enough.

But we feel that you ought to add some extra supplements for on-cycle support as well as for PCT.

Hcgenerate, is a great alternative to expensive HCG injections. It is completely natural and keeps your body’s natural test production working.

Cardazol, which is an alternative to Cardarine is another supplement that we frequently include in our Anavar cycles.

Other than this, stick to Nolvadex. But keep an AI handy just in case.

Anavar Review
  • Dry & Lean Muscle Mass
  • Vascularity
  • Strength Gains
  • Fat Loss

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