Andarine (S-4)

Athletes, bodybuilders, and sports stars understand the essence of having a strong muscle and displaying lasting performance. Unknown to many, sports stars put a lot into staying healthy and keeping their body in the right shape. Not only do they engage in routine exercises, but some have also discovered ways to increase their stamina and strength, gain stronger and leaner muscle, and enhance their all-around performance by simply taking drugs. These drugs are referred to as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) A good example of such drug is Andarine.

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What is Andarine

Just as we established earlier, Andarine belongs to a group of drugs called SARMs. Originally, Andarine was formulated to treat health conditions like muscle wasting, benign prostatic hypertrophy, and osteoporosis. Although human clinical assessment is still ongoing, the drug is known for its success in increasing muscle mass, bone density, and strength in animals during clinical trials.

A. Male rats were castrated and treated for 14 consecutive days with S-4. S-4 potently stimulates muscle growth, but is unable to maintain prostate size. Adapted from J. Pharmacol. Exp. Therap. 304, 1334 (2005). B. Testosterone stimulates muscle and prostate growth to the same extent.

Mol Interv. 2005 Jun; 5(3): 173–188.
doi: 10.1124/mi.5.3.7

Andarine which also goes by the abbreviation S-4 works by binding to androgen receptors in the body. The process of fusion is, however, regulated so that unwanted side effects will be minimized.

How does it work?

Just like all other SARM drugs, Andarine works by fusing to the receptors. This operation is similar to how steroids operate. The only difference is that it excludes the side effects and disadvantages that are associated with using steroids. S-4 is formulated to specifically zone in on strength, performance, and muscle building.

The activation of Andarine in the body is selective. This means that it selects the tissue that it wants to work with and improve the tissue considerably while ensuring that the other parts of the body are not injured.

Is it legal?

Legality in sport:

The use of Andarine is highly frowned upon in any competitive sport. The use of S-4 by a professional sports star is illegal and could attract either fines, suspension, or jail time. This is because it grants users an unfair advantage over their fellow sports stars. In 2008, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) added Andarine to its list of prohibited drugs. Since then, athletes have been discouraged from using the drug.

Legality in diet:

It is illegal to use Andarine to formulate any diet supplement. The FDA and other such bodies are yet to certified the drug as “OK” for human consumption. It is, therefore, illegal to present it as a supplement.

Legality in medical-research:

It is legal to use Andarine for medical research purpose. This seal of legality is, however, lifted if the drug is capsulated or presented in a liquid form for human consumption.

Uses of Andarine

Andarine is mostly used for cutting, bulking and recomposing.


using Andarine increases fat oxidation in the body and it reduces lipoprotein lipase in the body. S-4 ensures that the body does not lose its muscle mass during a calorie deficit. Cutting cycle takes about 12 weeks.


Just as the name implies, bulking means strength without needless inflation and water retention. The bulking effect of Andarine is not always too exceptional, but it ensures that the body does not lose any of the strength it gathered throughout the cycle.


This is the process of striping the body of fat and increasing muscle mass at the same time. Andarine promotes lean body mass and increases body functionality.

Benefits of S-4

Andarine (s-4) cycle results before and after
User Results From a Cardarine & Andarine Stack
  • Increase in muscle mass: This was the original intent and purpose of Andarine- to prevent muscle wasting. Animal clinical trials have revealed that S-4 is capable of improving the strength and muscle of animals. Andarine makes the muscle harder and often leave the user with a beautiful and ripped body.
  • Bone-strengthening: The use of S-4 improves bone strength, bone density, and significantly reduce the likelihood of fractures.
  • Fat Loss: Andarine stimulates the body to utilize all of its fat storage.


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Among all the SARM, Andarine has one of the shortest half-life – about 3 hours. It is recommended to use between 25mg-50mg daily to minimize the side effects. Usage should not exceed 12-16 weeks, and it is advisable to split dosage into three for a better result.

It is recommended that users do not go below 6 weeks and not exceed 16 weeks. The body stops responding to the drug after 16 weeks. Using the drug after then would be considered as wastage. If the drug is discontinued after less than 6 weeks, you will not get the desired result.

You should use the drug 5 times in a week and then leave a gap of two days between dosage to limit side effect.

Side effects of Andarine

Regular use of Andarine will always attract side effects. The good news is, none of the side effects are permanent. It is also important to note that the use of S-4 follows after the law of diminishing returns. This means that after some time of consistent use, it becomes less effective because your body has developed a tolerance to it.

Andarine is heavily linked to depression and vision changes. This is the major side effect of S-4. Andarine attaches itself to the receptor in the eyes, and this causes vision changes and difficulty in distinguishing colors. The eyes also find it difficult to adjust to sunlight.


  • Andarine does not in any way affect the female sex hormone. This can only occur if you mix your S-4 with prohormones.
  • S-4 does not affect the male sexual hormones except it is laced with clenbuterol or other such substances.
  • Andarine is neither a stimulant nor a supplement.
  • Taking S-4 doesn’t excuse you from taking care of your body. It is essential to keep a proper diet and maintain an exercise routine during the cycle.
  • Andarine tends to be suppressive at the end of its cycle.


If you really desire the effect of SARMs, then Andarine is one of the best you will find out there. If not, steer clear of it. Many sellers claim they sell S-4, however, experience has shown that it is not always the same. Stay safe and buy safely.

Andarine Review
  • Increase In Muscle Mass
  • Bone-strengthening
  • Fat Loss