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HCG or ‘Human chorionic gonadotropin’ is a naturally-occurring hormone that is produced by the body during pregnancy.

Hence, it also earns the nickname, ‘The pregnancy hormone’.

But in men, it is sometimes used for an entirely different purpose, that of an anabolic steroid adjunct.

You see, HCG mimics Luteinizing Hormone and helps stimulate the release of endogenous testosterone which is extremely beneficial both, during and after an anabolic steroid cycle.

This prevents the body’s natural testosterone production from shutting down completely via negative feedback loops.

Probably taking a cue from this, ‘Need to Build Muscle’ a leading supplement manufacturer named their bestselling nutritional supplement ‘HCGenerate’.

n2generate (hcgenerate) for sale

Because, as obvious from the name, it helps release endogenous testosterone by stimulating leydig cells.

However, this has led to a misconception that the two can somehow be used interchangeably.

Can you?

Can a herbal supplement really be as powerful as synthetic hormones in stimulating testosterone production?

Today, we decode HCGenerate for you.

What is HCGenerate?

As much as we hate calling it that, HCGenerate is one of the best ‘testosterone stimulating’ supplements that we’ve ever used. Period.

The only thing that even comes close is M1-MK.

Everything else that’s being sold under test boosters is junk.

Did we ruffle some feathers there?

At a time when testosterone boosters are dime-a-dozen, it is refreshing to see something like HCGenerate that has a small, but very effective ingredient list.

One that is scientifically proven to do exactly what it promises to do.

That’s a rarity these days isn’t it?

What are the ingredients in HCGenerate?

Let’s talk ingredients. What is it about HCGenerate that makes it so effective?

Here you go.

Fadogia Agrestis:  

This Nigerian shrub has been used in traditional African folk medicine as an aphrodisiac and as a testosterone booster for ages. But more recently, clinical research and animal studies have proven what was already known. It helps stimulate the leydig cells to release more testosterone, improves testicular function and also heals impaired sexual function. In all the test supplements in the market, HCGenerate is one of the only few that contains 1000mg of Fadogia Agresitis in one pill. With the standard dosage being 5-pills, you are getting 5000mg of this powerful herb in one go. Just in case you were curious about the studies involving the herb, here are the links to a couple of them.


There have been at least three clinical studies that have proven the effectiveness of Fenugreek in improving testosterone levels, libido, sexual health and sperm morphology. Yet, it is one of the most underrated natural ingredients that are used for boosting testosterone. HCGenerate contains a whopping 1000mg of Fenugreek. Apart from boosting test levels, Fenugreek is also helpful in maintaining a healthy lipid profile, something that can be very beneficial for anabolic steroid users.

3,4 Divanillytahydrofuran (Divanil):

This is not exactly a testosterone booster. But it binds to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, thereby increasing the amount of free testosterone in your body. If you are using HCGenerate as an anabolic steroid adjunct, then it translates into more free testosterone for muscle building.

Tongkat Ali:

We discovered this amazing herb, also called ‘Malaysian Ginseng’ during one of our tours to Asia. And we are quite surprised as very little is known about its efficiency back home in the west. Tongkat Ali is clinically proven to increase Testosterone levels, helps reduce the levels of SHBG, improves mood, reduces fatigue, improves concentration and increases energy levels. HCGenerate has 1000mg of Tongkat. This alone increases its effectiveness manifold over its competition.


Classic test booster that is now increasingly used in supplements around the world. HCGenerate has 7mg of Zinc that keeps your natural test production up at all times.

You can find the full ingredient list over here.

n2generate ingredients

Who is HCGenerate best suited for?

We agree that the name does it make it sound like its designed exclusively for steroid users. But that’s not the case.

HCGenerate is perfect for anyone looking for a safe and legal way to increase their testosterone levels.

That includes men above the age of 35 who are beginning to experience the effects of low test, SARMS and steroids users who can use it during PCT or during the cycle to stimulate their HPTA to produce natural testosterone, and athletes and fitness buffs looking for some extra help to break through plateaus.

Can you swap HCG injections with HCGenerate instead?

Well, to be honest, we’ve never been fans of HCG. We’ve always preferred using Nolva during our PCT and that has worked just fine for us.

HCG usage is being linked increasingly with a range of side effects that you can do without.

So, if you wish to completely avoid using HCG during PCT, then yes. You can opt for HCGenerate, along with N2guard and of course, your PCT drugs.

You can even use HCGenerate with HCG injections by the way. It does not cause any adverse reaction when used with PCT drugs.

What are the results that one can get with HCGenerate?

Being one of the most powerful natural testosterone boosters, the results that you can get with HCGenerate are pretty much what you’d get with a very low dose Testosterone cycle.

  • Improved muscle mass: Your muscles will feel fuller and tighter. Also, if you eat in a calorie surplus and workout hard, you can gain a decent amount of lean muscle mass when you are using HCGenerate. During a calorie deficit, it will help prevent the loss of lean muscle tissue.
  • Fat Loss: While none of the ingredients help burn fat directly, they increase the levels of testosterone which in turn helps in lipolysis. Fenugreek is also known to help reduce the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.
  • Libido: When you have 1000mg of Tongkat Ali cruising through your system, you can be rest assured that your libido is going to shoot up sky high. To top it off, there’s Fadogia Agrestis too. If you are struggling with low libido problems, then HCGenerate will be your best bet.

How to use it effectively?

That depends on the intended use.

For general fitness: 5 caps a day split into two or three doses. You can take it with or without food.

During cycle: 5-6 caps a day split into two or three doses.

PCT: During the last 8-weeks of your cycle and extending to the next 12-weeks after the last day of your cyle. 5-6 caps split throughout the day.

For low libido: 3-4 caps a day split doses.

N2Generate (HCGenerate) Review
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Fat Loss
  • Libido

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