Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate)

Masteron enjoys unprecedented popularity as a pre-contest prep steroid. Perhaps the only other compound that even comes close to Mast is Winstrol.

But Winny being Winny isn’t too forgiving on hairlines and can cause the nastiest muscle cramps, which makes Mast the next best option for a lot of athletes.

Having run both these compounds, we can say that the rock hard granite look that one can achieve with Mast is incomparable.

You just need to know the right time to add it to a stack and also the right body condition to use it in.

We have seen countless athletes throw in Mast when they were at 15-20% body fat and then complain that the gear was bunk.

That’s cause you won’t even feel Masteron’s effects until you are below 10% body fat already.

Dial down your diet, put in the works, get below 10% body fat and then Masteron will make you look gritty, hard with zero water under the skin.

Paper thin skin as they say.

If you were wondering whether you can add Masteron to your upcoming cycle, then here’s the lowdown on this amazing anabolic steroid.

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Masteron Simplified

Masteron or Drostanolone Propionate is a very unique anabolic steroid that has been derived from DHT.

It was for long used as a treatment for breast cancer in post-menopausal women due to its strong anti-estrogenic properties.

This was also one of the reasons for its popularity, as a lot of bodybuilders would throw in Mast purely to control their E2 levels. And to avoid the need for a separate SERM.

Despite having a low rating on both anabolic and androgenic scales, Masteron is a very versatile compound that can be added to both, bulking and cutting stacks.

Like we mentioned earlier, you just need to know when and how to use it.

The advantages of using Masteron

Most athletes and recreational bodybuilders these days are so hung up over building muscle mass that they tend to forget the importance of looking good while they gain muscle.

Masteron is one of the steroids that can get you the ‘aesthetic’ look as they call it in the fitness industry.

Here are some of the effects of using Mast.

Muscle Hardening:

Masteron is most popular for its muscle hardening effect. This is partly due to the strong anti-estrogenic nature of the compound which also makes it a potent diuretic. Also, it is a very strong androgen which helps in lipolysis. The combination of these effects result in a very unique, dry and chiseled look to the physique that is most cherished by competitive bodybuilders and fitness models who add Masteron to the end stages of their steroid cycle for contest preparation.


Masteron’s effectiveness in promoting strength gains is often overshadowed by the muscle hardening properties of the compound. The fact is that Masteron allows you to retain your strength during harsh cutting cycles without causing water retention or fat gain. If you are looking to lose that last bit of fat, it can be the perfect Clenbuterol alternative that doesn’t cause stimulant effects or jitters.

In a bulking cycle:

Masteron is the least likely compound that would be recommended for a bulking cycle. That’s because it has a very low anabolic rating. And to be honest, the ratings pretty much indicate what you can expect from the compound in terms of results. But, it can be added to a bulking stack in place of a SERM. It prevents estrogen levels from spiking and will keep the gyno in check. As an add-on, you get some strength, lipolysis and muscle hardening which will convert our wet gains into reasonably dry gains. However, it must be mentioned that Masteron probably will not suffice to control estrogen levels if you are using strong compounds with a lot of progesterone activity, like Dianabol or Trenbolone.

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The Risks of running Masteron

Because of its anti-estrogenic properties, Masteron does not aromatize nor does it have a progestin nature. So water retention and gynecomastia are out of the question while running this compound.

But there are a bunch of other side effects that are possible. Here are some of them.

  • Androgenic side effects: Masteron is a strong androgen and there is the possibility that it can cause severe androgenic side effects like hair loss, acne and oily skin. In women, Masteron is notorious for causing virilization and most women athletes favor Anavar over Masteron or Winstrol.
  • Cholesterol: Masteron is harsh on your cholesterol levels. It significantly reduces HDL and also increases LDL levels. The severity of HDL reduction is often more pronounced than other injectable steroids. However, the overall extent of damage wont be as much as what is caused by oral steroids.
  • Suppression: Masteron is highly suppressive and hence it must always be used with exogenous testosterone. However, you don’t really need to run test at high doses. Even TRT doses can provide you with enough testosterone to keep your libido high and prevent lethargy.

Some people also experience muscle cramping on Masteron. This might be due to the diuretic nature of the compound and can be countered by increasing your fluid intake and balancing electrolyte levels.

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Masteron vs. Winstrol. Vs.MK-2866 and GW-501516

That depends on your reaction to these compounds. It’s more individualistic than what you’d believe.

Some people just love Winny. That’s because it works for them. They get no headaches, no cramps. Just the positive effects and the aggression.

Others can’t stand it. One of the guys in the gym couldn’t even hit 5 reps with the barbell when he was on Winny. The muscle cramps were too painful.

Ditto with Mast. If it works for you, then it will be one of your favorite compounds. Throw in some test prop and you have a great stack. B

If you aren’t looking to use roids, then Ostarine and Cardarine are a great cutting stack that have very similar effects. You will look hard and vascular.

But it will be nowhere close to what you can achieve with Winstrol or Masteron. We’d be lying if we said that GW and S4 can make you look like you are on Masteron. It won’t.

On a positive note, you won’t have to bother about PCT or your test shutting down.

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  • Strength
  • Bulking