Proviron (Mesterolone)

A seasoned bodybuilder once told us that Proviron is like ‘salt and pepper’. You’ve got to add it to every steroid cycle for a little taste enhancement.  

That’s a great way to define this versatile compound that was used a lot by bodybuilders in the golden era.

If you have been following us, you’d know that we love talking about the ‘golden era’ anabolics. And Proviron along with Primobolan were some of the most used compounds in those years.

Cut to today, it is used primarily as an off-season maintenance compound. Most bodybuilders run it for months at a time as it has very little side effects.

This also makes it a great compound to add to your cycle if you are already on TRT.

Let’s say that you are on 150mg/week of Test Cyp. Throw in a low dose of Proviron and just watch the body transform.

Talking about transformations, here are some of the results that you can expect from your first Proviron cycle.

Libido boost – Week 1 onwards

This is the biggest reason why Proviron finds a place in almost every major steroid cycle from the golden era that we have analyzed.

Proviron will keep your wiener in top form.

And it’s not just limited to keeping your dick functioning. It will increase libido to a great extent even at doses as low as 25mg/day, which is basically a side-effect free dose as most athletes would testify.

If you are running Deca with your TRT dose of test and do not want to add Finasteride to counter the deca dick, then here’s the remedy. Throw in a lose dose of Proviron and you will get the benefits of deca without the risk of your libido crashing.

Feels great – Week 1 onwards

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Proviron is a ‘feel good’ steroid. There are some steroids that are notorious for causing anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and a general feeling of malaise.

Trenbolone is one of them. So is Anavar and even Equipoise.

Adding a low dose of Proviron improves your mood by leaps and bounds. It’s not the ‘Hercules feeling’ that Dianabol can give you.

Instead, it is a boost to your mood that makes the entire cycle enjoyable even if you have these mood-dampening compounds thrown in.  

Lean Muscle from Proviron – Week 3 onwards

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Most steroid users would say that Proviron is not a muscle builder. That’s partially true. Although it has an anabolic rating of 125, it hardly translates into real life results.

But most people would run Proviron with a foundational steroid like Testosterone or Deca Durabolin.

And Proviron displays a remarkable affinity to bind to SHBG, which in turn increases the amount of free T in the blood.

So in a way, Proviron will amplify the muscle building effects of other anabolic steroids making it a lean muscle mass builder.

Anti-Estrogenic effect – Week 2 onwards

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Another very unique trait of the compound is that it binds to aromatase enzymes thereby limiting the conversion of androgens into estrogen.

In fact, this effect is so pronounced that in many cases, you can avoid using an AI altogether and get away with using just a low dose of Proviron during the cycle.

This depends completely on the cycle and the type of compounds used in it though. If you are using a stack of highly aromatizing compounds, then we recommend that you use an AI even if you are using Proviron.

However, if it’s a simple stack of say, Test and Deca, then you Proviron might be enough to prevent aromatization and gyno.

Muscle hardening – Week 3 onwards

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Proviron is structurally very similar to other orals like Anavar, Masteron and Winstrol.

So, it can be used as the muscle hardener in your stack if one of these compounds don’t work for you for some reason.

Masteron for example, is one of the most potent muscle hardeners. But most users find that it dries them up too much for comfort.

The excessive dryness can make you look a tad flat, unless you have a truckload of muscle on your frame like the pros.

The dryness that can be achieved with Proviron is a lot more natural-looking. It does not look like you are dehydrated.

At the same time, you don’t look wet and bloofy either. It’s a very aesthetic look.

As a plus, you also have great libido and mood throughout the cycle. Something that gets trashed with Mast.

Fat Loss – Week 2 onwards

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This is another trait of Proviron that sadly doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Proviron has a strong affinity to bind to androgen receptors. Moreover, it’s a DHT-derived anabolic steroid.

This provides a definite, visible boost to lipolysis. You will lose fat, particularly near the waist. This makes it a great choice to add to a cutting cycle as well.

Vascularity from Proviron – Week 2 onwards

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There will be a very mild increase in the vascularity. Not as pronounced as Masteron or Winstrol. But if you are stacking it with wet compounds, the vascularity will be enough to give a slight aesthetic effect to your body.

Androgenic side effects – Week 2 onwards

mesterolone side effects

Proviron is one of the weakest androgenic compounds that you can use. It is safe enough to be used by females. Go figure.

But, if you are genetically prone to get androgenic side effects, then anything that binds to androgen receptors can trigger them.

If you notice increased hair shedding or thinning while you are on Proviron, then add some Nizoral to your daily hair washes.

Around thrice a week should suffice for most people. If you are stacking it with Tren, increase the frequency to 6-times a week.

It will block excessive DHT in the scalp and prevent shedding. This may also have a slight positive effect on acne.

Closing thoughts on Proviron

If ever there was a steroid which we could call ‘safe’, then it would have to be Proviron.

It’s not 17C-AA. So it does not mess up with your liver. Doses as high as 50mg/day do not even budge your lipids, unlike Var or Winny, which can tank it out of the park.

Most people on cruises consider running it year round with very little problems.

Proviron Review
  • Vascularity
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle hardening
  • Lean Muscle
  • Libido boost
  • Mood Enhancement