When SERMS or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators were approved for the treatment of hormone receptor positive breast cancer in post-menopausal women, it was hailed as one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of the century.

What Are SARMS

On the other end of the spectrum lies SARMS or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Despite being discovered decades ago, all that we’ve seen or read so far is teasers about its potential applications.

A couple of clinical trials that were abandoned midway.

A few others that went till Phase II of human trials. But have hit a roadblock of sorts.

SARMS are widely believed to be the answer to some of the most common lifestyle diseases that plague us. That includes Hypoglycemia, Hyperlipidemia, BPH, cachexia, anorexia, TRT among others.

Imagine a group of drugs that can treat all of the above mentioned conditions (and a lot more) safely.

As of now, the only people who are harnessing SARMS and providing irrefutable data on its effectiveness are athletes and bodybuilders. Somewhat like Guinea pigs to be honest.


When it comes to bodybuilding and competitive sports, there have always been two categories of people.

The first, jump head over heels into performance enhancing drugs (Anabolics) and embrace the risks that come with it.

The others always hang around on the fringe borders, looking for substances that come close to PEDs without causing the serious side effects that they are infamously known for.

These are the guys who flush their money down the drain buying natural test boosters and junk like that.

SARMS appeal to both categories.

For the first, it’s an easier and safer approach to performance enhancement. Since they have already experienced some of the side effects that come with AAS use, they look at it like a watered down version of AAS. That still gets them decent results mind you.

For the second category, it’s a huge step up from money-guzzling supplements. For the first time, they can stop drinking umpteen whey protein shakes and creatine soft gels hoping to achieve that dream physique. SARMS get them at least 50% results of AAS without 90% of the side effects. That’s a huge improvement over natural training.

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How do they work?

The big question, how do these amazing chemicals work?

We have androgen receptors in cells in different parts of the body. Like the liver, the prostate gland, the bone, the muscle tissue and so on.

SARMS signal these androgen receptors to amplify their activity just like anabolic steroids do.

The only difference is that just like SERMS, SARMS are selective in their action.

They only amplify the action of specific androgen receptors, which in this case, lie in the muscle and bone cells.

Let’s take LGD-4033 for example.

LGD-4033 is touted to be one of the best bulking SARMS. Because it mimics the action of Testosterone in the body.

It signals androgen receptors to increase protein synthesis, increases nitrogen retention, boosts strength and to an extent, even increases lipolysis.

Everything that testosterone does. So much so, that the body is mistaken in detecting it as exogenous testosterone and tries to adjust by reducing the production of natural test by up to 50%.

It is incredible to say the least.

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SARMS VS Steroids

By their selective action, SARMS only affect the androgen receptors cells that help in performance enhancement or therapeutic applications.

The ones that can cause irreversible side effects, like the receptors in your prostate gland or your liver, are untouched.

Let us cite the example of LGD once again.

If you take any ester of exogenous testosterone, some of the surplus test will be converted to DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, which is another powerful androgen.

DHT is one of the best hormones for muscle building. But can also cause some of the nastiest side effects associated with steroid use. Like enlargement of the prostate, which can in the long run cause prostate cancer.

LGD successfully mimics the action of testosterone in the body while leaving the prostate unaffected.

Similarly, SARMS do not get converted into Estrogen nor do they aromatize. So you will not get gynecomastia, acne, hair loss, roid rage or any of the common side effects associated with steroids.

Are SARMS side effect free?

Far from it.

But the side effects are pale in comparison with what steroids will cause.

The most notable side effect of SARMS is an elevation in LDL levels.

But normal lipid management will help you control this to a large extent. Also, your lipid levels will return to normal in a few weeks after your SARMS cycle.

Other than this, SARMS can also cause testosterone suppression and in some people, mild testicular atrophy.

Once again, the severity of both these sides are much lesser than what would occur with steroids.

Some SARMS are known to cause very specific sides. Like S4 causing a yellow tinge to vision. Or LGD causing the LGD flu in the first week.

A lot of the other side effects believed to be caused by SARMS are in fact caused due to contaminated batches that are laced with prohormones or steroids itself.

Picture the surprise on the face of the user who orders RAD-140 online and gains 20 lbs. of mass in three weeks. A lab test reveals that it was Superdrol instead.

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What Should A New User Know Before Buying

Your life will never be the same. You can never go back to being a natty again.

That’s the first and most important thing to know.

Other than this, we highly recommend that you read up on the compound that you are going to take.

Do your research. Read anecdotal reports. Check bloodwork and logs when available.

Do not jump into a PCT because you think you need it. Do your own bloodwork. Start PCT only if required. In most cases, your body should recover within 4-5 weeks without the need for PCT.

Also, the KISS rule applies here. Keep it simple stupid. Start with the lowest recommended dose of one compound only.

Leave the stacks for later. Within a week or two, you should have a good idea of how your body is reacting to the SARM. You can choose to bump up or reduce your dose accordingly.

Read about the side effects.

Last but not the least, always order from a verified and reputed source that offers third party certifications on their products.

Stay safe and welcome to the world of SARMS.

SARMS Review
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Lose Fat
  • Increae Strength
  • Promote Bone Health

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