Stenabolic (SR9009)

Hey folks! It’s SARMS time again and this usually means that we get to debunk some juicy bro-science theories floating around on the world wide web.

Today, we will be talking about SR9009, also called Stenabolic.

This is a Rev-ErbA agonist, not a SARM, that gained a lot of popularity as an endurance booster. In fact, at one point of time, it was more popular than Cardarine, which according to us is one of the best compounds that you can use for endurance and stamina.

Off late, SR9009 seems to have lost some of its early day appeal.

sr9009 stenabolic

That’s because there are a bunch of studies that say that it has ‘zero’ bioavailability.

Which means, even if you somehow manage to gulp down that ‘toxic-tasting’ concoction that you sourced from a legit supplier, it will never make it to the bloodstream in an active form.

How then do you explain the hundreds of anecdotal results that claim that the compound completely changed the way they worked out?

Is that crude looking vial of SR9009 worth the money?

Let’s find out.

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SR9009 was formulated by ‘The Scripps Research Institute’ as a research molecule for potential use in therapeutic applications.

Clinical trials were carried out on mice and it was found that the drug could increase metabolism as well as amplify the rate of mitochondrial activity, even when the mice didn’t exercise.

sr9009 cycle dosage in clinical trials

In humans, that should translate into fat loss and more energy even when you are guzzling on soda and gorging on candies.

That’s where it earned the moniker, ‘Exercise in a bottle’.

As the initial studies started to get published, supplement manufacturers started to capitalize on the hype and very soon SR9009 was all over the shelves in retail outlets.

Is it the ultimate endurance boosting SARM?

In theory, yes. No other SARM can come as close as Stenabolic in boosting your endurance and stamina.

The only problem here is the bioavailability, which is a subject of debate.

There are multiple studies, including a quote from Dr. Burris himself on Wikipedia, in which he explicitly states that SR9009 has zero bioavailability.

But there are an equal number of anecdotal evidences with logs that show a remarkable improvement in cardiovascular strength and performance before and after an SR9009 cycle.

stenabolic results before and after

Which one is true?

We would vouch for the latter as we have used the compound ourselves in multiple ways.

Orally, yes it was effective for us and it was a third party certified legit source. So we know for sure that we were using SR9009 and not some prohormone.

We have also used in sublingually and lastly as an injectable.

Overall, we can say that it worked for us in all forms. The injectable version was the most effective and fast acting. However, making the injections from raw powder is a pain.

The oral one, in liquid form was the easiest, even if the bioavailability might be lesser than the injectable.

Other benefits of SR9009

So, apart from a 50% increase in stamina and endurance, what do you get when you use Stenabolic?

Let’s find out.

Fat Loss:

Stenabolic increases the amount of macrophages, which are cells that renew dead cells with new ones. The increased cellular activity in turn increases the energy output and the food that you consume is used for energy rather than being stored as fat. This results in increased fat loss.

Reduced Cholesterol:

Rev-Erbα agonists help reduce the levels of LDL and increase the levels of HDL. That makes SR9009 a great supplement to add to any oral anabolic steroid cycle that trashes your lipids.

More focus:

If you feel tired and lethargic after a day’s grueling work, Stenabolic can improve your focus and concentration. It also keeps you awake, which can be beneficial in helping combat jet lag. It does this by syncing the Circadian rhythm with the 24-hour clock.

Reduces anxiety:

One of the innate qualities of SR9009 is to reduce anxiety. In fact, its anti-anxiety effects are known to be as pronounced as that of benzodiazepine.

SR9009 Review
  • Endurance
  • Fat Loss
  • Reduced Cholesterol
  • More Focus
  • Reduces Anxiety

How to run a cycle

We briefly mentioned about the various ways in which you can use SR9009.

But due to the challenges involved in injecting the drug as well as the lack of absorption in the sublingual method, we recommend that you continue to use it orally.

The ideal recommended dosage is 30-40mg per day divided into three or four doses because of its short half-life.

The best part is that unlike other SARMS, there will be minimum suppression even at relatively high doses.

So, you wont feel like shit at the end of your 8-12 week cycle.

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Does SR9009 cause any side effects?

Apart from mild suppression, there are no known side effects of SR9009.

It does not aromatize, is not liver toxic and does not trash your lipids. It does not even cause the headaches, dry mouth and water retention that some other SARMS cause.

It is one of the safest and most well-tolerated compounds that we’ve ever used.

Do you need a PCT with SR9009?

Don’t just hop on to a PCT for the sake of it.

Get your bloodwork. Check logs and only do a PCT if needed.

SR9009 is one of the least suppressive compounds and in most cases, you won’t need a PCT at all. Just use some on cycle supplementation like M1MK and N2 Guard and you should be fine.

SR9009 vs. Ostarine for endurance

That’s a tough one.

Both these compounds are very effective for their respective uses.

If you are looking purely for a compound to help with your cardio and your endurance, then go with SR9009. You will be able to run longer distances, lift weights with shorter rests between sets and stretch your HIIT beyond your max capacity.

stenabolic vs sr9009

However, if you are also looking to retain some muscle during a cut, we recommend Ostarine. It might not be the best option for endurance, but the added anabolism is one of the most desired effects in a SARM.

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