Testolone (RAD140)

RAD140 is one of our favorite SARMS. Almost a staple in our fitness regimes ever since we quit using gear, 6 to 8 years ago.

A lot has changed in the world of SARMS since then. Newer, fancier compounds have arrived with the promise of better results in shorter time frames.

But RAD140 continues to be one of the most widely used SARMS along with LGD 4033.

What gives?

What is the reason for the ongoing appeal of Testolone at a time when we drop compounds like a bad habit as soon as a new one arrives on the shelves?

Let’s find out.


RAD-140, also called Testolone, was discovered by Radius in the late 2000s. It was being investigated as a potential therapeutic aid to prevent muscle wasting in terminally ill patients.

But it is currently being researched as a potential cure for hormone receptor positive breast cancer. First phase clinical trials were conducted in 2017 and more are expected to follow suit.

It was around 2010 that the first batches of RAD140 arrived in supplement stores. It was terribly under dosed. Around 45% RAD while the rest was spiked with a prohormone.

Took us around 2 years to find a legitimate supplier.

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Testolone’s popularity in athletic and bodybuilding circles skyrocketed within months. You had first timers, seasoned gear users and even bodybuilders off cycle using RAD, which did a great thing.

It gave us tons of anecdotal reviews, a lot of them with logs.

The Ultimate Strength Booster

RAD140 is known mainly for the dramatic strength gains that it gives you.

You will cruise through plateaus, set new 1RM records and will be able to continue lifting even after you have just crushed your last set.

The motivation that this gives you is insane. We remember feeling like shit during our healing PCT after years of Blasting and Cruising.

When we healed completely and were struggling to lift like earlier, this stuff gave us wings.

The strength gains and the aggression were almost comparable to gear.

We had a very Deca and Tren cycle like feeling when we were on Testolone.

rad140 (testolone) results before and after

The other benefits

Something as popular as RAD140 cannot merely give you strength gains. There has to be more to it, right?

Here are some of the other benefits of using RAD140

Muscle mass:

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It was originally discovered as a potential treatment for muscle wasting. Initial clinical trials proved that it helped primates increase their lean muscle mass by 10% in just 28-days. Anecdotal reviews claim that users can gain an average of 6-8 lbs. of lean, dry muscle mass in six months with two RAD140 cycles. That’s pure, keepable gains. You might gain a lot more in the form of glycogen and water in the initial stages. But as the body drops it, you will be left with lean muscle.


There are different ways to describe this. Some people call it controlled aggression. Others call it increased endurance. Either ways, you will not be racking those weights anytime soon. If you are an athlete, you will be faster and stronger.


One of the reasons why a lot of middle aged men hop on the Test Train is because of the decline in cognitive performance. They feel like shit. Remembering small things becomes a challenge. That’s due to the decline in Testosterone levels. The condition is treatable with exogenous test. But it greatly increases the risk of prostate cancer. RAD140 is touted to be as effective as testosterone in treating androgen-responsive tissue related diseases. This means that it is neuroprotective and helps improve cognitive functioning.

How to run a RAD140 Cycle

Like most other SARMS, finding the ideal RAD140 dose for you will require some dialing in.

Start low and then gradually up it to 30mg/day.

It has a half-life of 36 hours which means that you can do with one single dose or divided doses in 24-hours.

The ideal cycle length varies between 10-12 weeks. If you stick to a low dose, you can continue for 12-weeks without experiencing suppression.

But if you are using 20-30mg/day, we recommend that you do not exceed 10-weeks as this is when the suppression hits you hard.

By week 11, you will be struggling to haul yourself out of the bed, let alone go to the gym and lift.

This is the time when you should be thinking of a PCT, if your bloodwork demands it.

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Does RAD 140 cause any side effects?

Most of the side effects are manageable. There will be the occasional sleepless night, sporadic headaches that fade on their own and an occasional episode of dry mouth.

But it’s the mental sides that need a mention here.

Some users have mentioned increased aggression while they were on Testolone. While controlled aggression is always great for an intense workout, it starts to get problematic if you are thinking about bashing people for no reason.

If you do experience these sides, taper down the dose or take a break for a few days and see if it wears off.

Do you need a PCT with Testolone?

The thing with SARMS is that people react differently to it.

In most cases, you wouldn’t need a PCT with any SARM. But there are some who experienced a near shutdown with LGD alone.

Moreover, there’s every possibility that your SARM is bunk.

In ideal circumstances, your testosterone levels should return to baseline in about 6-weeks post cycle.

Bloodwork is the only way to know if you are severely suppressed and whether it warrants a full-fledged PCT.

RAD 140 vs. LDG 4033 for first timers

That’s the perpetual conundrum. Which one of these two popular SARMS do you select for your first cycle?

The fact is that both these compounds are very similar in their action and their effects.

They are both compared to Testosterone.

Testolone will give you more strength gains and aggression while LGD-4033 will be a better mass builder.

What are your bodybuilding goals?

Pick one that best suits it.

RAD140 Review
  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increase Endurance/Aggression

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