Trenbolone (Tren)

trenbolone (tren)

Punch us in the face if you have considered dabbling in anabolics but haven’t thought about a Trenbolone Cycle yet.

Tren is everywhere isn’t it?

Right from rank newbies to middle aged men on TRT, everybody seems to be itching to hop on to it.

For a veterinary drug that’s used to improve feed efficiency in horses, Trenbolone certainly has gained a lot of popularity.

As they say these days, ‘Training is not enough. You’ve got to Tren for it

To be fair, there are so many positives of Trenbolone, that the infatuation that steroid users seem to have with it, seems justified.

Here’s a steroid that will give you crazy strength gains, dry, shredded muscle mass, help you burn fat even without cardio and improve nutrient partitioning, so you get more from the food you eat.

Think eating pizza for days and not getting fat.

But even for a second, don’t let this fool you into believing that the Trenbolone cycle going to be a cakewalk or that you can walk in a potato and come out a razor blade with no side effects.

Tren can mess you up pretty bad if you don’t know what you are getting into.

Here’s a brief guide for anyone looking to hop on to this powerful compound.

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Top Three benefits of a Trenbolone cycle

Without further ado, here’s what Trenbolone can give you.

A new body:

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Trenbolone is the most powerful body recomposition steroid. You can drop fat while you continue to build muscle. Club it with any mass building steroid and you will turn into a Greek god in two or three cycles. That’s less than a year. It carries all the common traits of anabolic steroids, like increasing nitrogen retention, increasing RBC, increasing the levels of IGF-1 and inhibiting glucocorticoid hormones. But the rate and efficiency at which it does these things is far more superior than any other steroid at the moment. You will be rock hard, vascular and lean by the end of the cycle.


If you’ve ever ran Winstrol, then you will have a pretty good idea what insane strength gains mean. Trenbolone will take that to a whole new level. You will be lifting like you’ve never lifted before. The first time we ran Trenbolone, we walked into the gym hoping to do 800 lbs. deadlifts. Thankfully, we didn’t attempt that.

Nutrient partitioning:

Trenbolone helps to deliver 100% nutritional value of everything you put into your system. Let’s say you are consuming 1.5gm protein per lb. of body weight. Tren ensures that every milligram of that protein is put to use to build muscles. It’s pretty amazing to be honest. Unlike anything that you’d have ever used before.

Tren results before and after

Side effects to be concerned about

Not surprisingly, Trenbolone also comes with the risk of some very dangerous side effects.

The Mild altering effects:

It’s important to mention this before anything else. Because this, according to us is one of the most serious sides of Tren. Not everybody experiences it the same way though. Some feel an increased aggression, which is pretty normal with steroids. But the ones who are prone to these sides feel borderline psychotic. There’s paranoia, there’s anxiety and even depression. The rage is uncontrollable at times. Men in relationships have a creeping feeling that their partners are cheating on them. It’s pretty weird. The effects usually wear off in a week or two after the cycle.

Say goodbye to cardio:

Trenbolone will trash your endurance to smithereens. Like doing HIIT? You won’t even be able to climb a flight of stairs without stopping to catch your breath while you are on tren. Your body will gradually start to get adjusted to these side effects as you run more Trenbolone cycles though.

Increased RCB count:

There’s a notion that the more the RCB in the blood, the better it is. Sadly, that’s not the case. Trenbolone can cause your HCT levels to rise to alarmingly high levels. In simple terms, it turns your blood into thick, jelly like consistency greatly increasing the risk of forming blood clots. Donating your blood can help reduce the viscosity to an extent.

Hair loss:

Once again, this seems to be one of those individualistic sides. There are chances that your hair may thin while you are on Trenbolone. But most people regain the lost hair post cycle. (Stop hair thinning with N2Shampoo)


Unlike other steroids which aromatize to estrogen, Trenbolone can cause gyno due to Prolactin. You need Caber or Prami to combat these sides during your cycle.

Increased sweating and Insomnia are also pretty common with Tren.

combating tren side effects with cardarine

How to use it

There’s so little research on Trenbolone that most people are following random dosage protocols that they pick off the internet.

We read about someone who’d used 1 gram of Trenbolone a week for the entire duration of their cycle.

Apart from losing every last strand of his hair, he nearly ended up killing his neighbor who was mowing his lawn with a push reel lawnmower. According to him, it was creating a ‘ruckus’.

Start low folks. And stick to a low dose. This stuff is powerful enough to get you great results without going overboard.

250mg/week for Tren Ace and 350 mg/week for Tren Enanthate.

That’s the max that we recommend even if you don’t experience any side effects at that dose.

trenbolone cycle dosage in studies

In conclusion, improvements in body composition, lipid profile and insulin sensitivity (key risk factors for cardiometabolic disease) were achieved with six-week TREN treatment without evidence of adverse cardiovascular or hepatic effects that are commonly associated with traditional anabolic steroid misuse. Sex hormone suppression and benign prostate hyperplasia were confirmed as adverse effects of the treatment.

PCT with Trenbolone

Start with Nolvadex and Clomid, the standards for PCT.

During cycle, use Caber if you notice estrogenic side effects.

N2 Guard and M1-MK for nutritional support.

That should suffice for your cycle. Do your bloodwork and throw in HCG on-cycle if needed.

pct for tren (m1-mk)

Running Trenbolone Solo – Pros and Cons

Trenbolone is such a strong compound that we wouldn’t mind running it solo.

You’d still do a lot better with a Test and Tren combo.

Even better with Test, Tren and Deca Durabolin. But yeah, if you aren’t too keen on running multiple compounds, then you can run a Tren E cycle at 350mg/week and still get decent results.

While running Tren solo, we highly recommend Andarine or Cardarine for the cardiovascular strength and endurance that otherwise goes for a toss.

Trenbolone vs. Equipose for recomp

Trenbolone and EQ are very similar compounds in the type of results that you can expect.

The only difference is that Tren works a lot faster than EQ. Otherwise, the end results will pretty much be the same.

Having said that, EQ is a lot milder in terms of side effects than Tren. So, you’d want to take that into consideration when deciding.

Trenbolone Review
  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Muscle Hardening
  • Strength Gains
  • Nutrient partitioning

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