I know what you’re thinking. Yohimflame must be another one of the thousands of gimmicky fat burning products out there that don’t work. It just has to be, right?

It’s no mystery why some people might be skeptical. The fat-reduction market is full of low-quality pills and drinks that do nothing but reduce the size of your wallet. Does Yohimflame continue this trend, or fly in the face of it? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Yohimflame?

Yohimflame, at its core, is a spot reducer for stubborn areas where burning fat is especially tricky. It’s a topical spray that’s applied directly to the problem areas. As a spray, it has a considerable advantage over orally ingested products; it’s able to be laser-targeted.

How to Use Yohimflame

First, it’s essential to shake the bottle well before use. The liquid can become thick from sitting around, and you could clog the sprayer nozzle if you skip this crucial step.

Next, spray eight times directly on the area you need help with burning fat. Be careful not to overdo it. Yohimflame works best when your body is in a fasting period and right before a cardio workout session.

Ingredients of Yohimflame

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Yohimbine is the main ingredient in Yohimflame and where it got its name. It is an extract derived from yohimbe bark found on trees in Africa and South America.


7-keto-DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone within the body. It is often added to weight-loss and diet supplements because of its ability to increase metabolism and heat production.


Synephrine occurs naturally in certain plants and animals, namely citrus fruits such as oranges. It’s known for promoting thermogenesis, the production of body heat.

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones are found in red raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries, among others. It’s what gives them their pleasant aroma. It’s often used as flavor additives in various foods, but in larger doses it can increase metabolism, and that’s why Yohimflame includes it.


Caffeine, again, increases metabolism and heat production. It also raises heart-rate and provides a boost in energy.

How Does It Work?

Yohimflame results before and after

As mentioned previously, Yohimflame is a direct topical spray. If it were designed to be taken orally, it would travel through the digestive system and metabolize in the liver. That would cause it to activate in the central nervous system and render it virtually useless for burning fat.

Estrogen is a major culprit in forcing your body to store fat. It accumulates in those fat deposits and causes an increase in Alpha2 adrenoceptors. These adrenoceptors tell the body to stop burning fat, and it’s the excess estrogen that activates them.

Now it’s time for yohimbine to shine. Yohimbine penetrates the skin and absorbs in the fat deposits. Once there, it quickly blocks the adrenoceptors and allows the area to begin burning fat more freely.

The other ingredients help stimulate blood flow to the location and increase targeted heat production to the affected area. Combining this with an intense cardio session helps provide ideal fat-burning conditions.

Yohimflame was explicitly engineered to execute this process as efficiently and effectively as possible. It can only be done via a direct application. The other massive advantage of the non-oral aspect is that most of the side effects plaguing other fat reducers are virtually non-existent in Yohimflame.

Side Effects of Yohimflame

Yohimflame benefits and side effects

While side effects are relatively low because of the topical nature of Yohimflame, it still gets absorbed into the body and will inevitably end up in the bloodstream. That means there are still a few mild side effects that need mentioning.

Anxiety, sweating, headache, increased heart rate, nausea, and irritability are the most common. Some of these are to be expected due to the nature of how the product works, but it’s always recommended to speak with your doctor before taking something new.

What People Are Saying About Yohimflame

If you spend any amount of time looking around online, you’ll see some mixed opinions, but it will be hard to miss all the negativity. A lot of the complaints are actually about the packaging. More specifically, the spray pump. It seems the original batch had a lot of clogging problems which left a lot of customers frustrated, but it appears as though they’ve worked with their supplier and everything is solved in that respect.

You will also see many users questioning its effectiveness, and that’s no surprise. If you want real results, you still need to eat appropriately and exercise regularly. There are people out there looking for some magic solution they can use while sitting around eating fast food, expecting to shed the pounds. A product like that never has, and never will, exist.

When you start looking at feedback from users in more knowledgeable communities, you’ll begin to hear more positive results. Members of workout and bodybuilding forums, for example, have vast knowledge of supplements, vitamins, nutrients, all that stuff, and that’s where you’ll see Yohimflame praised for its results.

Ask yourself this; who do you trust? Someone looking for a lazy way out, or someone who knows that products are meant to work with you to help achieve your goals? The choice should be clear.


Let’s take a quick look at the best and worst of Yohimflame.


  • Applied directly to problem areas
  • A low instance of side effects
  • Blocks the adrenoceptors that prevent fat burning
  • Fast-acting
  • Real results when combined with a healthy lifestyle
  • Smells great


  • Past issues with the nozzle clogging
  • Not a miracle spray

Final Verdict

Yohimflame had a lot of research and thought put into its creation. It was built from the ground up to change the way we approach spot-treatments for fat reduction. Oral treatments are mostly ineffective because after they get digested they get so diluted and spread all over the body instead of concentrating on the area we want to fix.

When looking for opinions, make sure to go to those who know what they’re talking about. When you do that, you learn what the smart people already know. Yohimflame works, and it works pretty darn good.

Yohimflame Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Spot Fat Reduction